Digital Retail Management in Real-Time

Develop consistent customer experience by learning through sharper outlet reports


Monitor visual merchandising

Show your best side to potential customers.

Create a compelling customer experience by displaying your most appealing visual merchandising and attractive in-store promotions. Easily attach learning modules, photos, videos and notes to make perfect merchandising audit reports with Nimbly.


Manage inventory stocks online

Never let customers leave your store empty-handed.

Keep an eye on your inventory with the Nimbly platform to avoid stockouts. Sufficient stock increases cart value and customer value - resulting in increased sales overall for your retail stores.


Engage your whole team to build success

Maximize teamwork and strengthen your team.

Nimbly enables specialised audit checklists for team members to collect and verify data within various roles. Perform cross-checks between store managers, field auditors, and mystery shoppers. Improve teamwork and maximize employee productivity with Nimbly digital audits.


Evaluate your stores' retail analytics in real-time

Move as fast as your business grows.

Monitor KPIs and gain data-driven retail insights at your fingertips. Track team performance, audit completion and target achievements as it happens. Uphold the highest retail execution standards through insightful analytics from your Nimbly dashboard.

Retail companies who love using Nimbly

Product Features

Set Sales Target & Promotion

Attach promotion information to guide merchandising checks and add periodical sales target to motivate team

GPS-Enabled Data

Get info and directions to outlet location. Record validated visits with the check-in/check-out feature.

Multimedia Attachments

Attach photos and videos to visually validate SOP compliance and complete merchandising checklist.

Real-Time Monitoring

Track and evaluate retail analytics through Nimbly’s real-time overview dashboard.

Online & Offline

Schedule and prioritize store visits within a personalised weekly schedule.

Customised Questionnaires

Create your own customised audit checklists to fit your unique retail needs.

Deep & Meaningful Insights

Gain visibility on data-driven retail insights to improve store performance and improve your bottom line.

Multi-language Platform

Select a preferred display language for your team.

Fully-Secured Database

Protect your data with a private and secure cloud database, admin privileges, gated log-ins and secure APIs.