Let's see how Delamibrands conducting high-quality inspection in a streamlined manner
Before the adoption of Nimbly, Operations Managers (OM) in Delamibrands' headquarter officeneeded to collect operational reports from the Retail Managers manually.
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Express Food Group's operational strategy in the Covid era
This case study reveals all about EFG's operational strategy in efficiency by using Nimbly Technologies as their digital checklist software. Download for FREE!
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Learn how Astari Niaga maximized their production efficiency with Nimbly
Utilizing Nimbly's Issue Tracker and Live Photo features, uncover how Astari Niaga's day-to-day monitoring became simpler.
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See how Michelin star restaurant PUTIEN has saved time and reduced cost with Nimbly
Shifting from manual to digital, PUTIEN has successfully eliminated the use of paperwork by 100%.
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Learn how Wilmar used Nimbly to increase field assessments productivity by 50%
In implementing their sustainability commitments, discover how Wilmar found solutions that enabled them to conduct field assessments on their supplying mills and plantations in a […]
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Uncover how Pancious gained operational insights with Nimbly's reporting dashboard
To optimize their reporting visibility across 23 outlets, Pancious successfully utilizes Nimbly's robust reporting feature to increase audit efficiency by 86%.
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