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How to Land More Sales During Holiday Season in the Pandemic [Infographic]

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The COVID-19 pandemic has entirely changed the game for retail industry, and the holiday season–one of the biggest shopping period–is no exception.

See the infographic below to learn how your business can adapt to the new normal of holiday season shopping.

An infographic about how to land more sales during holiday season in the pandemic.

#1 Step up your e-commerce game

With more time spent at home and increased savings from forgoing the vacation during pandemic, consumers will do much more online shopping. Ensure that your online store is robust and easy for customers to browse and buy from.

#2 Implement "click and collect"

Allow buyers to save on shipping costs and get their purchases faster by offering them to make their purchases online and collect the purchases at a designated storefront location. Don't forget to sync your e-commerce and brick and mortar stores inventory and train your store staffs for better pickup experience.

#3 Extend store hours during holiday shopping

Some customers will still choose in-store shopping over online shopping. With only fewer people allowed to enter your store, extending your store's hours allows for more shoppers to come during the day. Let your customer know that there will be capacity limits and that they may need to wait before entering the store.

#4 Sell e-gift cards

As the social distancing is continually enforced, a lot of families and friends are going to spend the holidays apart. As an alternative, your customers will more likely exchanging e-gifts with one another. Take advantage of this by setting up some e-gift cards and make them available for purchase on your store.

The current situation may be difficult for businesses. However, reconfiguring your sales strategy during the pandemic to increase sales is possible to achieve. Make sure to comply with health protocol regulations, protect your customers and frontline staff, and create a memorable shopping experience even during pandemic.

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About Nimbly

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