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Tips for Managing Food and Beverage Businesses in Multiple Locations

May 28, 2021
3 mins reading

Table of Contents

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The Food & Beverage sector in Indonesia continues to grow rapidly. Based on data from the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf), the number of culinary businesses in Indonesia reached 5.55 million units or 67.66% of the total 8.20 million creative economy businesses to date.

If you are planning to expand your F&B business to many more locations, or even to various regions, of course, you need to prepare yourself to encounter operational challenges. How do you manage multiple locations of the F&B business unit at the same time so that they are consistent and of high quality?

Check out the challenges and tips for dealing with them below.

Balance the Time and Attention

When you have more than one F&B business unit, the first challenge you will face is to divide your time and attention equally into each branch of your F&B business. You will probably invest more time and energy in the initial branch opening. You will certainly want to move your team from your first unit to your second unit.

The experienced staff can certainly help to make the onboarding of new team members in new branches easier. However, taking too much time and old team members can endanger the quality of service to guests at your flagship branch.

Therefore, you need to plan and divide your time to all the locations that you have as best as possible by scheduling regular visits. By visiting each unit regularly, you will be able to get feedback from your team, and you can also take actions based on your observations at each location.

Monitor and Manage the Overall F&B Business Performance

Being a multi-unit F&B manager means that you are turning the daily operating issues in each branch into all problems in the company. You are not only concerned about sales at one location but also how sales at a specific location will impact the health of the entire company.

The solution to this issue is to use technology to assist you in monitoring and managing the performance of your F&B business unit both globally and per location. Making an investment in a cloud-based software such as Nimbly will give you full visibility into how the operations in each of your business units are going in real-time.

You can check whether the SOP has been implemented correctly, the location cleanliness and food safety are guaranteed, the stocks in the kitchen are in line with sales, and other operational aspects. Based on the visibility of these aspects, you can immediately handle the issues.

Create a Consistent Customer Experience

Apart from efficiency and visibility, the biggest challenge in managing a multi-unit F&B business is to ensure that customers get the same dining experience at any branch and whenever they make a transaction.

Create a questionnaire for hygiene and safety checks both on outlets or food. Performing regular checks and analysis of report data results to find out the daily condition of your business unit. Also, include a reference about how the menu should be displayed and served.

To properly maintain the quality standards across your branches, you will need digital questionnaires. By using a digital audit system, you can ensure that auditors in the field use the same questionnaire and system for each location. You can also attach the module as a visual reference for your auditors in conducting the audit.

If all auditors use the same system to audit the field, you can gather the insights more accurately and get a better picture of the operational quality of the organization as a whole.

Key Takeaway

Those are some tips you can apply to improve the multi-location F&B business you have now. Hope you find this useful!

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