3 Tips for Overcoming Challenges in Facility Management [Infographic]

Performing good facility management is often one of the most difficult challenges to solve.

Just like financial and HR managers, the role of facility and infrastructure manager is also needed by every company.

The facility and infrastructure manager is in charge of managing all facilities, from the building to the equipment in it

What are the common challenges faced by facility managers and how can you overcome it?

Check out the infographic below.

An infographic about how to overcome challenges in facility management.

#1 Demands for company's budget savings

Check stock and inventory regularly. Negotiate procurement prices with vendors, especially for facilities with high usage intensity. Also do an energy audit to find out where you can save energy.

#2 Dealing with equipment breakdowns and aging facilities

Schedule routine preventive and corrective maintenance. Streamline team communication, so your technician can report issues as soon as it's found.

#3 Maintain accurate facility records

With accurate records, facility managers will know when to repair or replace facilities. Use a digital operational management platform to record facility condition and inspection schedules.

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