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Retail Trends for Successful Business in 2022

February 10, 2021
3 mins reading

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Retail trends in 2022 put more emphasis on safe shopping, delivery, and digital service. Find out the ideal business strategy and management tool for success.

The 2020 pandemic has changed various business trends for good, including retail trends. Social restrictions, shopping priorities, and other factors drastically changed shopping habits, forcing business owners to adapt. It begs the question: how can you achieve success in 2022 with such a drastic change in business trends?

Like any other business types, retails got hit hard in 2020. However, there are ways to create and run a successful enterprise while adhering to the "new normal".

Top Business Trends in 2022

Retail business in 2020 experienced permanent changes, which determine the enterprise trends for the following years. The global pandemic is still a big concern, even with the spread of vaccines. It affects worldwide business, creating new trends or increasing the existing ones.

Here are top business trends you should expect in 2022 and beyond:

1. Increasing Numbers in Delivery Orders

With social distancing and restrictions, delivery service became a vital business in 2020. In the US alone, the numbers of delivery orders increased for 30 percent by June, compared to 2019. This increase was clear in food and beverage business, with companies like Uber gaining up 103 percent of revenues compared to the previous year.

2. Rising Dependency on Digital Shopping

Even before the pandemic, customers had depended on delivery service since the rise of the digital era. Older populations are starting to show a higher dependency on digital shopping. You will see this trend increase gradually, without indication to decline anytime soon.

3. Rise of Local Shopping Trend

More people are now shopping at local businesses or stores, taking advantage of the delivery and digital service trends. Besides cheaper delivery fees, the local shopping trend encouraged the public to support local or new business owners.

4. Higher Expectations over Delivery Service Quality

Since delivery service became more popular during a pandemic, people's trust toward it became more critical. They will want quick delivery time and innovations to make shopping online easier.

5. Changes in Physical Stores

Physical stores may still be around, but with modifications in services. They include options like pick up, online orders, and physically distance in-store shopping.

Tips to Create Successful Business in 2022

Want to run a successful retail business in 2022? Make sure to adapt to the trend using these strategies:

1. Improve the Delivery Quality

Customers will highly depend on delivery service, so make sure you have advantages in this part over competitors. Focus on time, human resource, and stock management to keep your delivery quality on top.

2. Create Customer Habit from Delivery Service

Shift the focus of your customer habit strategy to delivery service. For example, create a reward program for loyal customers. You can also start a delivery subscription program, aimed for customers who often order similar products in bulks.

3. Create Safe but Comfortable Shopping Experiences

If your retail store is open for physical shopping, make sure to make everything safe and comfortable. Create clear directions for customers, such as where to stand when standing in line, or how to enter the store while following health protocol properly. Rearrange the store, so there is enough space to walk between racks without getting too close to each other.

4. Make Delivery More Efficient

Efficient delivery is more important than ever in 2022. Optimize your delivery by using retail business management tools to maintain schedules, stocks, routes, shipping partners, and other factors. 

Digital Solution for Retail Management

Like Nimbly, management tools are the perfect solution to optimize retail business elements, from inventory to delivery and subscription. It provides digital assistance in retail executions, supporting various tasks by implementing a digital checklist system.

Nimbly digital checklist system offers several benefits to retail businesses, including:

Tracking Retail Tasks

A digital checklist helps you to complete retail tasks properly, from checking inventory to maintaining delivery schedules, and many more, making sure that the scheduled tasks are always done in time.

Monitoring Merchandises More Easily

Nimbly has a visual monitoring feature that helps business owners to monitor in-store merchandise. The visual elements allow you to quickly match the products with the names, complete with lists and descriptions.

Maintaining Inventory and General Inspection

A full inventory is necessary to ensure smooth delivery and shopping experience. Nimbly checklist system creates efficient inventory tracking and inspection. You can set up an alert system when the numbers of specific products fall below the minimum amounts.

Adjusting with new retail trends is the key to run a successful business in 2022. Make sure to use the right digital management tool such as Nimbly to make the retail execution process easier.

Nimbly features that will help operations manager: digital questionnaire, issue tracker, and real-time dashboard.

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