Staying Nimble in 2021 and beyond: Recap on the Roundtable discussion with Indonesia’s F&B Leaders

Kicking off our first series of Roundtables this year, the team at Nimbly managed to unpack the main challenges faced by Indonesian F&B companies in the Back of House and discuss areas where innovations and digitization can be implemented to improve topline and bottomline.

Beginning with a Fireside Chat with Pak Richard Anthony (CEO of Re.Juve) and Pak Roshan Dylan (Director of Inti Prima Rasa), we learnt insightful factors that helped their business thrive through embracing technology. Key takeaways include:

  1. F&B leaders should establish their key business objectives before investing in technology. This was evident for re.Juve who in the last year, decided to adapt technology that could bring about better transparency in food safety inspections to maximize efficiency. This ultimately led them to discovering Nimbly which has given them visibility on what was happening across their production and retail outlets. 
  2. Training and educating employees about the importance of embracing technology can contribute to a higher success rate in buy-ins. In the case of Inti Prima Rasa, the focus on empowering their workers through learning by creating short educational videos on how to utilize the new technologies implemented showed great success in speeding up the process for adoption. This effort should come from the top as well in order for the effectiveness to increase further.
  3. F&B leaders should stay updated on what their entire value chain requires in order to thrive. For both businesses, being in the know what needed to be innovated across the entire business was fundamental to remain one step ahead. Through using Nimbly for their back of house, re.Juve and Inti Prima Rasa have managed to gather data and insights within their operations that require improvement or optimization. 

Key Outcome Learnt from our Roundtable

67% believe it is very important to implement technology for the back of house

Main barriers that stop F&B leaders investing technology in back of house:

  1. Cost of technology
  2. Readiness of employees to embrace the technology
  3. Ease of tech integration into existing processes

Solutions to overcome the barriers

  1. F&B Leaders need to be more proactive in showing employees the importance of embracing technology
  2. Invest time to create training and educational materials to empower employees towards adopting the technology
  3. F&B leaders should evaluate solutions objectively and understand whether the technology is usable and applicable for their business

Through this insightful session, we hope F&B leaders learn what key steps to take to digitize their business. Stay tuned for our next Roundtable series through subscribing to our newsletter. 

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Nimbly transforms manual operations audit processes into app-based checklists for front-line workers to generate reports instantly, centralize insights in real-time, and ensure thorough issue resolution.

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