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8 Must-Know Visual Merchandising Tips to Increase Sales this Year

December 31, 2021
3 mins reading

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A successful retail store is one that can influence its visitors into making a purchase. Implementing a visual merchandising strategy (with tech) can help you achieve that.

Product showcases are an essential part of the retail business. Customers get interested in the products upon seeing them being presented on display. The visual cues not only provide customers with information about the products but also incite an excitement to shop in them. Thus, using the right visual merchandising strategy is essential.

Visual Merchandising: 8 Powerful Strategies and Tips for Retail Store
8 Strategies and Tips in Retail Store Visual Merchandising

8 Must-Know Visual Merchandising Tips to Increase Sales this Year

How to build an enticing display for your retail store? The following tips should be able to offer some ideas:

1. Considering the five human senses

A retail experience is not only about pampering your sight.  Customers need to be comfortable while walking through the store. Therefore, the management must take into account the other human senses, namely auditory, olfactory, tactile, and even gustatory. The incorporation of these senses will make the shopping experience more holistic.

2. Researching the psychographics of target market 

It is common for retail show management to research its market’s demographics. However, it would be better to take a step further and explore the market’s psychographics. This information shows human’ attributes that directly affect purchase decisions, such as:

  • Personality
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Lifestyles
  • Attitudes
  • Personal values

3. Implementing design theories

The management also needs to implement a visual merchandising strategy based on design theories. It is necessary to consider the contrast in the placement; it will make the products pop out and catch the eyes immediately. Despite that, the composition needs to be balanced in the sense that no spots seem too crowded.

4. Being vivid

It would be best if you were not afraid about being vivid with the product showcase. Strong visuals will make the display look livelier. The vividness may come in the product’s color, pattern, or even shape. If the product itself does not look as bold as you want it to be, you can always add props to make the product stand out.

5. Getting into the theme

Every store usually has its own theme. The theme may come with the products that it sells or with the overall store concept. Using the theme as visual inspiration is excellent because it makes the entire store seemingly better thought of. Instead of getting complacent with the theme, you can always create unique interpretations of it.

6. Placing certain items close to each other

To increase sales, the store manager needs to place certain items close to each other. There are certain groups of items that are commonly bought together simultaneously. For example, you are selling pillows in your store. It would be wise to display your pillowcase collections nearby to entice customers into buying them.

7. Providing guide through the store

Being unable to find things you look for in a store is frustrating. This is why providing guides throughout the store is very important. The guide can be in the form of store arrangements. However, you can also create funky signs to help customers navigate through the display. 

8. Regular display changes 

Another example of visual merchandising tips to mention here is regular change. Chances are, some people walk past the store multiple times. With changing displays, those people may know that the store offers new products or promotions. Fashion stores are usually the ones that implement this strategy.

Maintain and Monitor Your Visual Merchandising in Multiple Stores

Managing several stores at once, controlling the visual merchandising becomes very tough. Each store may not use the same system for product showcases. It can result in inconsistent performance in all of the stores that you are managing. Additionally, it makes the entire brand seem unprofessional.

You can utilize Nimbly as a tool to maintain and monitor the visual merchandising strategy that the brand adopts. It has a feature called Digital Checklist that particularly highlights real-time reporting. The tool is designed to be used by the frontline worker so that they can communicate better with the management. 

Ensure visual merchandising is employed accurately in store - 4 Key Strategies to take advantage of the Omnichannel Retail - Nimbly Technologies Digital Checklist

With this tool, you will be able to:

  • Quickly all stores about the new visual merchandising approach being implemented.
  • Correcting any mistakes related to the showcase strategy by each store’s employee.
  • Receiving reports about issues or other unexpected events in a timely manner.

There is no doubt that visual merchandising in retail stores is pivotal for the business’s longevity. It affects the customers’ purchasing decisions, albeit very subtle. You can rely on technology like Nimbly to help make this task easier, particularly if you manage more than one shop.

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