A healthy Plate: Challenges and solutions to food safety for F&B Industry in South east asia

A Healthy Plate

The Challenges and Solutions to Food Safety in South-east Asia

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4 Impactful Benefits of Waste Management that you need to know

December 27, 2021
3 mins reading

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The trend of waste generation in various industries increases per year. For example, Germany produced about 405,524 tons of waste in 2018 alone. Management of waste is a joint effort between companies and the government. But, unfortunately, many companies tend to ignore it without fully knowing the essential benefits of waste management.

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4 Reasons to Pay Attention to Waste Management

Management of industry waste becomes a concern with the deteriorating earth state that we live in nowadays. Waste management has direct and non-direct impacts to the business, such as:

1. Environmental condition of areas surrounding the business

Generated waste that is not managed correctly can harm the environment, particularly surrounding the business area. The area can suffer from air, water, and soil pollution. This situation affects the community living near to the business. Not only that, the wildlife in that area is also threatened.

In the greater scheme of things, industrial waste contributes to climate change. Manufacturing facilities emit a massive volume of greenhouse gas that gets to the atmosphere. It causes the earth’s temperature to rise up. It leads to anomalies of climate such as prolonged rainy season and typhoons.

2. Health state of people living around the areas

Improper management of waste also deteriorates people's health who live near the industry. The most common health problems that people experience because of hazardous industrial waste are:

Respiratory problems

Irritable Skins

Digestive issues (Possibly due to contaminated water or food)

In addition to ethical issues surrounding human health, the company is also at risk of facing lawsuits from the community. This situation may halt the company's operation and stop the business altogether. Governments in many countries have started to implement strict laws related to this issue.

3. Company’s production costs

One of the unknown waste management's essential benefits for the business is lower production cost. Implementing a good waste management program is indeed tedious, especially at the beginning stage. However, the company will see that the production cost will be reduced over time.

This is due to the recycling step that becomes a significant component of waste management. Due to this step, the company can reuse materials in production. As a result, it reduces the need to purchase raw materials. It also cuts down the production time because of readily available materials.

4 Essential Benefits of Waste Management for Your Company
Operational Cost Savings with a good waste management

4. Possibility of increased profit

Another financial benefit that the company can gain from conducting proper waste management is increased profit. With reduced production costs, the business can use the fund to improve other aspects of their business. For example, it can lead to more product innovations. The company also has more chances to invest in its human resources.

Responsible waste management is also a good way of marketing products. People's awareness about thoughtful consumption has increased over the years. As a result, many consumers are willing to spend extra dollars to purchase products that cause less harm to the environment in the production stage.

4 Essential Benefits of Waste Management for Your Company
Increasing profit with a good Waste Management

How Technology Can Help Your Waste Management Process

Considering the waste management important benefits for business operations, each company must be ready to invest in this important process. In addition, waste management is a process that needs to be monitored regularly. Thus, the company should have an appropriate tool to conduct this monitoring efficiently.

You can perform monitoring with smart and reliable tools like Nimbly. This program has been utilized in various sectors, such as agriculture, retail, food and beverages, manufacturing, and many more. It is equipped with a digital checklist feature that performs the following functions:

  • Management of supplies.
  • Instant notification when there is a supply shortage.
  • Real-time updates from employees.
  • Data management for more straightforward interpretation.

Utilizing technology in the waste management audit process is non-negotiable in this era. An app helps people in the company monitor the management of waste while on the go. When a problem arises, it can immediately be identified then resolved before disrupting the production,

4 Essential Benefits of Waste Management for Your Company

Technology also helps smoothen out the communication between key players in the company in the waste management system. It is important to note that waste management is a team effort. Lack of smooth communication can cause problems in the system. The app offers transparent updates that everyone can see in real-time.

There are various essential waste management benefits for the company, both short and long terms. The company needs to make good use of technology like Nimbly to ensure that the management processes are implemented as planned.

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