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What are the FnB business SOPs that you need?

September 10, 2021
4 mins reading

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The success of your FnB Business is determined by the loyalty of its customers, and this customer loyalty can be obtained by continuing to provide quality food and service every time a customer visits your restaurant. Here is where you need FnB business SOPs. 

SOP is a set of rules and procedures designed in such a way that your employees can carry out their duties properly, consistently, and according to the standards that have been set every day.

Let’s find out the SOP your business needs and the benefits of having a detailed SOP!

Benefits of having an FnB Business SOPs

Here are some benefits you will get if you have an SOP in your FnB Business:

1. Help to maintain standards and consistency of food & service quality

Starting from preparing food according to the recipe, operating cooking utensils, to responding to customer complaints, all can be managed through SOPs.

With detailed SOPs, no more food is wasted due to inappropriate storage temperatures or angry customers due to taking too long to handle the complaints. 

2. Facilitate the process of delegating tasks when employees are absent

With the SOP, you can fill the employee's position with a replacement employee immediately without worrying about whether the replacement employee understands what needs to be done.

With the SOP, they can read and perform tasks according to the instructions stated in the SOP.

3. Make the new employee orientation process more efficient

Well-written and well-structured restaurant SOP will greatly facilitate the process of new employee briefing. You can briefly describe the operating procedures of your restaurant.

Then, ask them to read the SOP you designed for more details. If they still don't remember all the tasks that have to be done, they re-check the SOPs that have been given.

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How do I establish an FnB Business SOPs?

Now you might want to know how to establish an SOP for your restaurant, here it is:

Write down a list of what operational processes are carried out in your restaurant

The process in each business may differ depending on the type of restaurant. Record all operational activities carried out at your restaurant.

Make the details of what must be done to complete the above operational processes as detailed as possible

Make sure not a single step is overlooked in order to provide maximum quality food and service for customers. Then, compile and sort the job descriptions into a complete and systematic SOP. 


Craft a checklist to make sure all the steps you have made above have been done correctly by your employees

This checklist must be able to measure whether the operational activities in your restaurant are carried out accurately and consistently every time.

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What are the FnB business SOPs that you need?

Opening preparation

Preparation before operating hours is one of the most important things in F&B business operations. Careful preparation before the restaurant opens will smooth the running of your business.

  • Building, cashier, and safe security checks
  • Inspection of lights, air conditioners, POS systems, and other electrical equipment
  • Check the amount of food inventory and refrigerator temperature
  • How to clean service area, kitchen, and toilets
  • Arrangement of tables, chairs, tableware, and promotional materials
  • Preparation of kitchen equipment, such as ovens and pans
  • Receipt and storage of grocery supplies from vendors

Quality of Food

  • Make sure the food is prepared according to the recipe and served in an attractive and timely manner.
  • Ensure that every employee adheres to the applicable hygiene protocols
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Customer Care

  • How to greet customers
  • How to take orders and deliver food, both to the customer and the food delivery driver.
  • How to receive payments and process customer loyalty programs
  • How to respond to customer complaints

Use of Kitchen Equipment

  • How to operate kitchen equipment
  • How to clean kitchen equipment
  • Regular inspection of kitchen equipment
  • How to report if there is equipment that needs repair
  • Procedures for dealing with fire and other disaster events


  • Procedure for cleaning the service area
  • Procedure for cleaning the toilet area
  • Procedures for cleaning kitchen, cooking utensils, and cutlery 
  • Procedure for disposing of food waste


  • Procedures for today's sales data recapitulation
  • Cleanliness inspection and waste disposal
  • Calculate the amount of food inventory and check the refrigerator temperature 
  • Make sure the lights, air conditioning, POS system, and other electrical devices are turned off
  • Make sure kitchen equipment, such as ovens and stoves are turned off
  • Make sure the CCTV is functioning normally and the entire building is locked
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Key Takeaway

SOPs, if implemented properly, will play a very important role in the success of an F&B business.

However, well-made SOPs often end up in vain because their implementation is not carefully monitored. Without thorough application and inspection, SOPs are just pieces of paper.

You can use a digital checklist and operational management applications such as Nimbly to efficiently check the implementation of SOPs. Input your SOP checklist into the software, ask your employees at the outlet to perform the daily check, and analyze the results in real-time.

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