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6 Important Things You Need To Pay Attention To In Creating Company SOPs

December 23, 2019
3 mins reading

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Maintaining consistency in business processes is critical to the success of the company. Ensuring that all company team members operate according to a well-formulated and coordinated process increases productivity and reduces the risk of errors occurring.

This is where Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) come into play. A good company is one that provides boundaries and regulations that will be a guide for its workers to complete tasks. So then, what should be considered in creating a company SOP? Here's the explanation.

Definition of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are written guidelines or rules that contain detailed standard procedures for the company to ensure that work at the company can be completed consistently every time. In other words, SOP is a guide for employees to complete their job properly according to the company's wishes.

SOPs are one of the most valuable business tools for companies. With the SOP, workers will have guidance on how to complete their work properly and correctly to provide consistent work results, reduce errors, and improve the quality of company communication with its employees.

What should be considered in making company SOPs? Nimbly Technologies, Digital Checklist, Inspection software
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Essential Things in Making Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

In making SOPs, there are at least 6 (six) things that must be done, namely:

Make a list of processes that you think need SOPs

Having SOPs is good, but too many SOPs are not the right choice. Not all procedures have to be made into SOPs. Ask each manager to discuss with their team what SOPs might be needed. Choose the crucial procedures for the company to standardize.

Plan the creation and management of SOPs

Plan the SOP format well, whether the process will be easier to understand if explained in narrative text, diagrams, or pictures. You also need to define the SOP review process, to whom the SOP is sent for initial review once it is written, who has final approval authority, and who publishes it. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to how every employee can access the SOP.

Gather information for SOP content

One of the most common and effective ways to gather information regarding SOP content is to schedule interviews with experts in each department. Also, ask if the department has had operational documentation before. This information will be helpful as the basis for the content of the new SOP.

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Write, Check and Publish

After the first, second, and third steps are completed, the next step is to write the SOP. After the SOP is written, do an expert review as well with employees, then publish and disseminate it to employees.

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Make sure the SOP runs optimally

After the SOP is made, it does not mean that all processes have been completed. Therefore, the fifth and most critical process is to make sure the employees adequately execute the SOP. This can be done by making operational audit reports from each related division or manager. After that, the company can verify and cross-check whether each SOP has been properly implemented.

To ensure optimal implementation of SOPs, you can also take advantage of operational management solutions, such as Nimbly Technologies. Nimbly is a technology that allows companies to digitally check the performance of company SOPs. By digitizing the written SOP checklist, the company will efficiently ensure that the SOP is appropriately executed and quickly resolve problems if employees do not carry out the SOP properly.

Update SOPs Periodically

After the SOP is appropriately implemented, the next step is to ensure the company's SOP is up-to-date. SOPs must be flexible and adapt to developments. If it is felt that the SOP has been left behind, it is necessary to update the SOP by using the 5 easy steps to make the SOP above. SOPs are indeed essential things that should exist in every company. SOPs help employees complete their work well and help the company solve problems that may arise within the company. Therefore, don't be careless in making operational standards for the company, OK!

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