A healthy Plate: Challenges and solutions to food safety for F&B Industry in South east asia

A Healthy Plate

The Challenges and Solutions to Food Safety in South-east Asia

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Why Nimbly? Our Customers Share the Top 5 Reasons

February 21, 2022
3 mins reading

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Choosing software to digitalize your manufacturing operations is not a quick or easy process. Many businesses know they need to invest in a new system PRONTO! Digital transformation is not just a trend, but the way the entire world is heading. You need to jump on the wagon or soon you will become obsolete.

We understand though, with the sheer number of offerings and vendors out there, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Time is needed to evaluate the available solutions, and effectively calculate the ROI. You can’t afford to make a mistake, and it’s important to get it right the first time.

Below are the top five reasons shared by Nimbly’s existing customers in manufacturing on why they opted for Nimbly to digitalize their operations and embark on their digital journey . We can think of a hundred more reasons, by the way, these are just the top ones.

Reason 1 : Nimbly is a proven solution that effectively addresses operational pain points with quick time to value

Nearly 150 of our customers will attest to this! Nimbly is simple to use and offers a powerful customizable dashboard, delivering quick time to value.

Ask us to create the tailored value calculation for your business, and you can see for yourself! (Pssst .. Some return of investment is actually off the charts, check out one here, Prima Food Solutions) : Yahoo! Finance : Prima Food Solutions Automates Operations.

Reason 2 : Nimbly is a fast way to digitalize operations, focusing on the last mile execution of your business

Compared to the larger offerings out there, Nimbly focuses on automating your last mile execution, by digitalizing checklists and SOPs .

Implementation time is quick and simple ( just 3 steps, really) and generally takes only about a month or two . It is such a quick way to transform your business: in mere weeks you gain transparency, consistency, and control. Compliance and audits are automated. Customer service, product quality is enhanced, and issue resolution streamlined.

Reason 3 : Nimbly is future-proof and scalable, therefore a better (and safer) choice compared to building your own system

Even though an in-house built software will be tailored to the specific use cases within your organization, Nimbly offers industry specific know-how with a high level of customizability. Why reinvent the wheel? There is a big chance Nimbly has already solved your challenges with other users.

In addition, technological advances are only accelerating. As a SaaS solution provider, Nimbly is committed to deliver the latest innovations, especially when it comes to cutting-edge advances in cloud computing, data privacy, and security.

Don’t let your in-house system become a black hole of your budget or risk, and partner with us. Trust sus, you won’t regret it!

Reason 4 : Nimbly’s dedicated customer support team is right here in the region, ready to deliver 100% commitment!

A Success Manager is assigned to every customer (with a team! ) and 100% responsiveness is ensured within your own time zone. Simply put : You are in very safe hands, at all times.

Martin Darby, the CEO of Express Food Group explained “ We chose Nimbly because we require immediate resolution to any potential issues we may encounter.It is critical we are in the same time zone.”

By the way, our customers love our quarterly business review with them where we discuss the progress and identify areas for improvement to the account and department level. They use this information to showcase success to their management team.

Reason 5 : Nimbly is a very low risk solution for you!

With no infrastructure setup costs involved, Nimbly’s subscription model reduces implementation time and risk without a large investment.

Are there any other concerns you may have? Hey, let’s talk !

Otherwise, let’s work together and we would love to drive stunning results for you that drive your company’s growth and success!!!

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