Why Visual Merchandising Is Important for Retail Businesses

July 27, 2021

Visual merchandising aims to make retail outlets more attractive and enjoyable to visitors, as well as encouraging impulsive buying. This strategy has become increasingly important because, in recent years, customers have shifted to online shopping. 

Visual merchandising is all about the look, atmosphere, and culture of the shop and your brand. If these are done perfectly, it will help to increase the brand loyalty of your customers.

Below are the importance of Visual Merchandising and how to implement it:

1. Give the First Impression That Makes Visitors Interested

Customers only have a few seconds to view your shop and decide whether or not to enter your shop. The exterior of the outlet which is neat, attractive, and can define the brand clearly will attract buyers to enter your outlet. The display, uniformity, lighting, menu, signage, color, point of sales, packaging – all these things are the elements of visual merchandise. 

By displaying these elements clearly and consistently, you can help customers to understand your brand, which leads to a positive shopping experience, and increased sales.

2. Convince the customers to buy the product they see

A layout that optimizes the visual component of a product can lead to big sales. When you go to a furniture store, do they display all the sofas they have in a row? Or instead, you find sofas, vases, tables, and armchairs arranged in a living room format? 

Helping the customers to imagine the product display can actually help the retailers increase their sales. The display might also encourage customers who previously only wanted to buy a sofa, to add a table that matches with the sofa.

Place new products, special offers, and small products at low prices near the checkout queue. The correct position of discount signs can also encourage customers to make impulsive purchases.

3. Present the fun shopping experience

Overwhelming the customers with products and offering too many choices often backfire on retail. Customers will feel overwhelmed, confused, and decide to leave the store. Therefore, it is important for retailers to select the right product to attract the target audience they want.

Signs in your shop should be concise and clear. Too much sign and writing will make your visitors lose their way. Customize the visual elements with your company branding. Use simple and easy to read from a distance font. Not all products need to be displayed. 

Choose the most appealing products to be displayed in front of and in the middle of the shop. Analyze the space available to find out how many products you should display. Try to place the products based on color or place them by category to make it easier for customers to find the items they need. Show how the product can be useful for the buyer.

Key Takeaway

Making the visual merchandising plan may not be easy, but implementing the plan consistently can be even more difficult if you don't use the right technology. But, don't worry. Nimbly is here to help you monitor the product placement and decorations in your outlets. 

With Nimbly, you can include a reference about the correct product placement, and when you conduct the​ retail ​​audit​, ask your team in the field to check and fix the product placement according to the reference. 

Consult your business operations management with the Nimbly team for free.

About Nimbly

Nimbly transforms manual operations audit processes into app-based checklists for front-line workers to generate reports instantly, centralize insights in real-time, and ensure thorough issue resolution.

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