Our story

We believe that technology is developed to make our lives easier and to advance the potential in us.

How it all started?

We had enough of the inefficient manual process, the insufficient system for issues follow-up and resolutions, lack of visibility on key metrics, and other painful processes of managing operations especially in multiple locations. We realized that with technology, we can free up resources to focus on more valuable, high-impact tasks that help businesses' bottom line and consistently reduce errors, increase team innovation, and establish high decision quality. Thus, we decided to build Nimbly.

What we do

Nimbly is a mobile solution that transforms the manual operational process into one that is digital and much more efficient. Nimbly allows organisations to manage their operation anytime, anywhere. With Nimbly companies can validate visitations, attach live photos and videos, also discover issues and monitor resolution in real-time. In the management level, you have access to data-driven business insights at your fingertips.


Create a more transparent world by enabling companies to achieve visibility all the way to the last mile. We empower and bring accountability to the mobile workforce who ensure the effective implementation of the organisation’s guidelines and standards.


Enable businesses to automate operations management processes and gain actionable insights in real-time.Gain breakthrough efficiency and operational excellence on-the-go.

Meet our team

Daniel Hazman
Co-Founder & CEO

Ex-Walmart and General Mills. Established Indonesia country office for President Clinton. Fulbright MBA Scholar.

Yow Zi Shing
Co-Founder & CTO

Tech rebel who taught himself coding while in college. Developed products for 4 startups in the last 5 years.

Andrew Batiduan
UI/UX Designer
Tiffany Eunike
Head of Operations
Herby Herado
Senior Front-End Engineer
Nikita Wong
Head of Growth & Marketing
Suci Fransiska
Communications Associate

We're hungry for talent

At Nimbly, we are looking for people who love technology and have that itch to deliver something cutting edge and out-of-the box. If that sounds up your alley, the best jobs are staring at you!