September 17, 2021

How to Maximizing restaurant online reviews and ratings

Online reviews and ratings are one key to the restaurant business to grab the customers' attention. Here's how to can maximize it!
September 10, 2021

What are the FnB business SOPs that you need?

Do you have a proper FnB Business SOPs for your restaurant? Are you sure with those? Learn here to know more..
September 9, 2021

4 Crucial Costs to Think About Before Reopening Restaurants

Answer the following questions to make a financially sound decision based on the changes related to the pandemic before you do Reopening Restaurants. Get your FREE eBook about 8 Restaurant Strategies!
September 8, 2021

Operational Strategy for Big Brands like Express Food Group

Here is the secret Operational Strategy from EFG, one of Southeast Asia's leading food and delivery operators by leveraging Smart Auditing Software.
September 8, 2021

7 Important Things To Check-in A Warehouse Inspection

Checking your warehouse can be a bit overwhelming. Here are seven key things you can check during your warehouse inspection.
September 6, 2021

5 Important Things for a Good Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)

Inspection and Test Plan is one tool that ensures that the quality of the product is on standards and requirements, here are 5 important things for your ITP
September 1, 2021

5 Essential Things to Check in Implementing Ventilation Inspection

Have you check your ventilation? Do you know what are the things you should check in your ventilation inspection? Learn now before you harm your ventilation!
August 30, 2021

Tips For Maintaining Commercial Buildings and Facilities

Implementing a maintenance management system for your facilities and commercial buildings can reduce the risk of loss. These are surefire tips for maintaining commercial buildings and facilities!
August 27, 2021

Design F&B Operational Audit with These Steps

To make sure that everything in your restaurant operation is on the right track, you need to conduct a structured operational audit. Check out the aspects you should check on a daily basis from your F&B business in this article
August 25, 2021

Evaluate These 4 Aspects to Improve Your Retail Business

Conducting evaluation allows you to collect information about various things regarding your retail business operations that need improvement. Learn these 4 main aspects you must not miss in the evaluation of retail business operations!
August 23, 2021

Prevent the Stock Shrinkage in Your Retail Business with These 5 Ways

Inventory shrinkage is the real threat for retailers everywhere and it can have a big impact on your business. Take a look at these loss prevention strategies to help reduce shrinkage in your retail business!
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