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Nimbly is a mobile solution that transforms manual operational process into real-time actionable information. By digitizing manual checklists and converting data into insights, Nimbly enables organisations to manage their operations anytime, anywhere.


Our Solution

Ensure customers' dining experience quality with real-time visibility

Keep restaurant cleanliness, ambience and service quality on track with Nimbly. Reveal profound insights and formulate a memorable dining experience.

Nimbly plays a strategic role in speeding up issue resolution in Kopi Kenangan. With Nimbly's issue tracker, headquarter can receive real-time notice from outlets and follow it up instantly. Nimbly not only reduces paper in the operation, but it makes sharing knowledge easier, circulating information faster, and pulling up data more accessible."

Tondi Sihombing

Operations Manager
Kopi Kenangan

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Product Features

Simple and Efficient Audits

Follow step-by-step workflows, flag risks, and share audit reports easily on your mobile device.

Offline-to-Online Audits

Complete audit checklists offline at remote site inspections. Upload and share data when you're back online.

Real-Time Audits

Track team performance, task completion and target achievements as it happens.

Insightful Audit Reports

Identify operational risks and improvement opportunities with data-driven actionable insights.

Multi-language Audit App

Select your preferred display language at any time.

Audit Data Security

Protect your data with a private and secure cloud database, admin privileges, gated log-ins and secure APIs