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How it Works
Is it possible to test and try Nimbly?
Yes! You can easily request a demo 
What to expect during a demo?
We will create a trial account to give you access to the Nimbly Application via on-site or virtual meetings. During the demo session meetings, our Manager will explain and demonstrate the use of the dashboard along with key application and analytic features.
How much time do I need for a demo session?
It only takes less than 1 hour! The Nimbly demo application only takes approximately 30 minutes of product presentation and the remaining 20 minutes is for Q&A.
What are the benefits of Nimbly?
Implementing Nimbly results in a Return On Investment (ROI) in safety, health, sustainability, and overall company profits. In addition to the benefits associated with keeping employees safe, healthy and happy, the price of investing in Nimbly platform is often far less than the costs, fines, and penalties associated with failing to maintain compliance.
How does Nimbly optimize the process of operations and product quality control?
Nimbly provides a system that enables you to create as many questions as you want, in various formats, based on your regulatory standard, plus attach pictures as standard references for Auditors to look up to. Auditors will be able to respond to the questions in details. With a digitized inspection system, companies can keep their production standards maintained at all times.
Do I have to implement all features?
Not all features are mandatory. The features to implement are customized to your organization needs and operational processes.
Does Nimbly really help me save money?
You can count on it. Expenses are reduced from less waste, paperwork, reporting time taken, frauds/accidents prevented and problems fixed appropriately. It also helps prevent lost sales, by keeping inventory stocked and customer experience consistent, as well as ensuring promotions are properly broadcast.
Can Nimbly help with the training process and account set up?
We have a Customer Success team to assist with the onboarding process until the client can fully use the application and go live. Our operational team are contactable at different timezones and they operate in Jakarta and several other countries. Our CS team will also conduct a monthly review in the first 3 months to ensure the implementation runs smoothly, after 3 months we also provide a quarterly review for our clients.
Does Nimbly charge based on the number of users?
For FNB and Retail, we calculate based on the number of store branches with a maximum of 3 users per store. Outside the F&B and retail industry, we charge per user.
Does Nimbly have a volume discount?
We have a volume discount for a minimum number of stores above 30 stores / user. However, if you take a 1 year contract, you can get an annual discount of 15% from our normal price.
Can we pay for a monthly subscription to Nimbly?
Currently, we do not provide monthly payment terms. Usually our clients pay in advance for 1 year. 
Does the app track me 24/7?
We only request your GPS data on check-in and check-out.
How large is the app?
The app size is currently ~42MB on the App Store and ~30MB on the Play Store
Will I be able to download data that is generated from the platform?
You can download previous reports as well as analytics data generated by your teams
Does the app still work when performing audits in remote locations that have low internet coverage?
Yes, audits can be conducted without internet connection. The data will be saved and can be uploaded later when Internet connection is restored.
What makes Nimbly app different from other audit systems?
The app is very user friendly! After effective implementation and training, our Customer Success team will continue to assist clients who use the application.
Can small photos be enlarged within reports?
Yes, the PDF / Excel reports are tagged with clickable URL links and photos can be clicked to enlarge.
How many questions can I create within the questionnaire?
With unlimited data storage, you are allowed to have unlimited checklists and questionnaires.
Can SKUs be separated per branch or per store?
No, but you can be systematic with labelling the SKU items like "product name - store location" (Example: lettuce - Grand Indonesia)
Can we find out the locations that already have low stock items?
You can enter your calculation or minimum thereshold in each SKU on your dahboard in our backend. If the stock is below that minimum, an automatic alert will appear on our dashboard that the item is low stock.
Is there a possibility of a gap? If the person who creates the inventory report is done by a different user but at the same time, is it updated automatically, and does it have to be online?
Not when reporting has been successfully sent to our cloudbase. All reports from the App will be updated in real-time on the dashboard as soon as you are online.
If we exit the application while still working on the checklist, will the report that is being worked on be lost?
No, it will not be lost because it will be saved as a draft. For daily reports, it must be completed on the same day, because if it is delayed or done tomorrow/the next day, it will be considered as missed report.
Will the previous stock number in the inventory be updated if the inventory report on the previous day has not been sent successfully?
No. The previous day's report must be sent successfully to our cloudbase for real-time updates.
Can the AI feature be used to detect grooming staff other than masks such as uniform color, name tag, etc?
For now, our AI can only detect masks. We are in process of developing more AI features.
How does the sales target feature in Nimbly measure the progress of sales achievement compared to the target?
Users can view the date and month to date sales compared to the monthly targets.
Are there any push notifications on Nimbly?
Yes, the user will get a push notification on the issue tracker to resolve the issue to completion, and the user can also get a reminder or alert to do a checklist and perform audits.
How long are reports and data stored?
All data will be stored during the client subscription period at Nimbly. We perform a routine data back up once a year to reduce the burden on application.
Can we find old reports that were made 27 days ago?
Yes. Nimbly has a download manager feature where all data can be exported in CSV file format.
Can we separate access to platform based on multiple user roles?
Yes, you can allocate different access to various users based on your organization hierarchy.
How do I manage all staff across my organization?
Nimbly makes paperwork digital, which automates communication between different departments. Processes become more transparent and easier to delegate, track, and convey to Management.
Can I register my staff who previously worked at other companies and have used Nimbly at previous companies?
Yes, as long as the email you want to register with Nimbly at the new company is different from the email used at the previous company.
What if my staff answered all inspection questions with a green card but in reality they had one red card? Can there be a fraud SOP audit?
There is live photo validation, and it can be set as mandatory, where the objective is to change the staff behavior, which was never done before, with Nimbly it can become digital routines.
What if my staff answered all inspection questions with a green card but in reality they had one red card? Can there be a fraud SOP audit?
From not doing their jobs properly to having to do work, we hope to help build positive and good habits within teams!
How to create the right questions and clean up internal systems?
Nimbly provides an Industry Standard Questionnaire that you can reference. Our customer success team will provide training and suggestions on how your existing system can be integrated into Nimbly.
If it possible to use Nimbly without an area manager / operations team / staff?
Yes, you can start with a self-audit or simply delegate any staff to start entering real-time data. That way, if there are issues that need to be followed up at the store, management can immediately find out.
If the inventory checklist is carried out in different shifts by different team users, will the stock figures on that day be accumulative?
The dashboard looks like a daily card stock. So if the inventory check is done twice a day, the numbers that will appear on the dashboard will be accumulated based on the total amount of stock within the same day.
Is it possible to integrate ANY software with this product?
Yes, our tech experts will make it seamless for you. We have an API that you can use to integrate Nimbly data into your existing systems. We are also able to do custom integrations on a case-by-case basis.
What functional areas does Nimbly software system cover?
Our cloud-based software application systems cover EHS & Sustainability, Quality, Security, Responsible Sourcing, and Product Stewardship.
Does Nimbly use the time setting from handphone or from the server?
Server, so it's not manipulated by the change of the time on mobile phone.
What happens if when I fill in the questionnaire but my mobile phone accidentally turns off?
It will be saved as a draft and the report can be continued later. The data that has been inputted will not be lost.
What are the minimum compatible cellphone specifications for Nimbly?
Nimbly can be downloaded on both Android and iOS. The minimum specification for android software is OS 6.0, and for iOs is iOs 10.0. And it is recommended with 3gb of RAM, but even 2gb of RAM can use Nimbly.
What can Nimbly integrate with POS? Can it integrate with Moka?
It depends on whether the POS is an open API or not, if it's open, you can integrate it with our API, because Nimbly already has an API. Later we have to have a further discussion with our product team, so Moka can.
Can Nimbly's geo-fencing work with Fake GPS?
No, we have blocked access to fake GPS. From the back-end, we can find out if a user tries to use a fake GPS because a notification will appear if GPS spoofing is detected.
How far away is Nimbly's geo-fencing radius?
Currently, our small radius is 250m, to reach outlets in the mall area. However, if the client wants to be more accurate, it can be adjusted as needed, it can be tightened up to 5-10m
How will my company's sensitive data be kept?
Your privacy matters to us. We store all data in encrypted servers and databases which only you will have access to. And, Nimbly is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 type 1 certified .
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