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Equip your company with actionable insights to create a healthier work environment, make projects easier—and power operative excellence.
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The Features that Set us Apart

The Features That Set Us Apart

Easily create and automate reports

Digitize your company's SOPs with standardized checklists. You can optimize inspections with visual promoting guides to ensure products and services are being delivered consistently across the company.
Streamline your operations

Track problems hassle-free

Say goodbye to the old ways and make room for next-generation digital issue tracking in your company. By using our issue tracker and resolution monitoring technologies, all your problems will be resolved according to your SLA.
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Get access to live and actionable information

Perform day-to-day operations without compromise, whether you’re online or offline. From one dashboard, you can monitor critical metrics such as report completion, flagged issues, and low stock alerts. You can carefully evaluate each issue to keep track of a specific location or user's performance.
Gain valuable insights

Conduct audits and set sale targets

Enable your field-team to conduct audits and identify issues in a shorter time with Nimbly. Attach promotion details to help direct merchandising checks, and provide a monthly sales goal to inspire the team.
Improve team workflow

A tool that validates your inspection methods

Remote tracking and reporting is easy with Nimbly. Our geo-fencing technology keeps large operations in place by capturing trigger actions based on defined virtual paramaters.
Start operating dynamically

The all-in-one solution for market leaders

Take a look at how Nimbly’s end-to-end digital features enable businesses' to streamline operations while reducing environmental footprints.

Be informed, stay proactive.
Make data-based decisions with Nimbly.

Empowering your business with instant insights for long term success.

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© 2021 – 2022 , Nimbly App Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy