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Regain Customer Confidence to Revisit Your Store Post COVID

Desember 2, 2020
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Customer trust is one of many things that make them want to return to a store. Here's how to regain customer confidence to revisit your store after COVID-19.

In almost a year, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused virtually everybody's consumption behaviors to change dramatically. Customer confidence is not as strong as it was as most people become more cautious about shopping anything. However, it's still essential for companies to keep customer trust post-COVID-19 so that they still want to come back to the store.

Here are several things to do to regain customer confidence after COVID-19.

1. Shield the Frontline Staff

Also known as the key workers, frontline staff refers to the workers who represent the brand and provide an essential service to incoming customers directly. These employees are as important as those working in the office or behind the store. Minimize the COVID-19 spread by investing in masks, face shields, and a disinfect-able tempered glass in the cashier desk.

2. Re-Design the Store

Although this idea doesn't necessarily apply to all types of stores, try to re-design the store complying with the new health protocol regulation to boost customer trust. Some ideas include having several designated counters for takeaway and cashiering, digitizing the menu with QR code instead of traditional smaller menu books, providing cashless payment options, and changing the door to an automatic one.

Try to re-design the store complying with the new health protocol to boost customer trust. Examples: have designated counters for takeaway and digitize the menu with QR code.

3. Emphasize Internal Processes

Customers will be more concerned over what they touch or come in contact with, such as food, products on display, shopping trolley, etc. It's why ensuring everything in the store comes as hygiene as possible is important. As customers notice that they're in a place that meets health safety measures and standards, they'll appreciate the effort and have more customer confidence to come back.

4. Understand Behavioral Change in New Normal Consumption

With everything labeled "new normal," there's bound to be some behavioral change in the way people spend their money and consume. As they adapt to it, so do business owners! For instance, customers now prefer to consume media online and avoid any place with many people. With economic insecurity circulating, they're also more sensitive to product prices.

5. Extend More Flexibility

With uncertainties over what will happen post-COVID-19, customers' behaviors also change how they plan things for the future. Companies providing more flexibility for their products and services are guaranteed to build more customer confidence. Hotels, for instance, can adapt to a more flexible reservation cancellation policy and extend guests' canceled stay into a redeemable voucher.

6. Update "Google My Business" Page and Website

As an innovative tool to help business owners manage their online presence across Google, Google My Business can advise customers of any new information about a company or store. For instance, the local authority may impose specific operational hour windows for particular businesses due to COVID-19 exposure risks. Update the hours and contact information in case customers want to reach you.

7. Review and Strengthen Digital Marketing

Speaking of Google, reviewing and strengthening digital marketing can contribute to regaining customer trust as well. In these challenging times, digital marketing seems more desirable due to it being faster and more effective than conventional marketing. Shift to social media campaigns and email newsletter, and consider investing in TV ads if the budget allows. Observe the best medium to reach and engage with your target audience and make the best of it.

8. Consider Using Nimbly

For more digitized processes outside digital marketing, Nimbly can be an excellent solution for business and store owners. Nimbly can help them create customized digital checklists and issue trackers across store branches. These audit reports can be filled from smartphones with ease, and users can also capture pictures to elaborate their input. Any issues regarding customers can be sorted and monitored based on their flags: green (fine), yellow (require attention), and red (severe).

Nimbly features that will help operations manager: digital questionnaire, issue tracker, and real-time dashboard.


The current situation may be difficult for businesses. However, regaining customer confidence to revisit your store is possible to achieve. Make sure to protect the frontline staff and re-design the store complying with health protocol regulations. Sit with your team to research and discuss any customers' behavioral change, policy changes, and digital marketing. If you want a helpful companion for all these processes, try Nimbly to make your customized digital checklist and track the company's issues.

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