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How Primer Group consistently delivers a high-quality customer experience


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Company size:

150+ brands across the globe

Use cases:

Customer satisfaction Measurement
Issue Escalation
Real-time Monitoring


Lack of Customer Understanding
Delays in Issue Resolution

About Primer Group:

The Primer Group of Companies, a retail distributor with over 150 brands under its name was founded in the Philippines in 1985, and today Primer has a strong worldwide presence.

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Putting customers as the focal point of decisions related to delivering products and services in essential elevating customer experience, which then results to customer satisfaction. Given Primer’s extensive size and diverse portfolio of brands, it is crucial to implement new digital systems in place accurately monitor its customers' expectations and sustain consistency across all its locations.

Nimbly enabled us to actively listen to our valued customers, extracting profound insights into how they experienced our brands and achieving an exceptional customer satisfaction rating of 99%

Maynard Bulosan

Digital, Process and Innovation Head


Prior to adopting Nimbly, maintaining consistency, customer satisfaction, and detecting
customer expectations across Primer’s many brands in hundreds of locations comes along
with its challenges.
Lack of Customer Understanding
The absence of a streamlined digital system that closely monitors customers' wants, needs, and expectations leaves Primer with minimal resources to further refine its overall customer experience. Using manually checked online forms for gaining feedback from customers comes with its limitations, some of which are finite flexibility and versatility, lengthy and error-prone manual sorting processes, as well as challenges with reviewing and sorting answers.
Delays in Issue Resolution
A global enterprise of Primer’s size calls for quick attention to resolving issues. The use of traditional issue management methods such as WhatsApp messages, phone calls, and emails delayed Primer’s management team to gain a real-time view of issues that need to be swiftly resolved. As such, inconsistencies in operations and service were prone to occur, affecting the overall customer experience. For example, it can take days to solve maintenance issues as the information has to go through multiple communication channels and departments before settling the problem.


In order to maintain consistency between departments and in service, Primer switched from its manual procedure of gaining and relaying information to Nimbly’s Voice of Customer and Digital Routine platform.

  • Implementing the Voice of Customer platform has allowed Primer’s management to gain a clear insight into its customers’ behaviors, experiences, and preferences hassle-free way; saving time and resources in the process.
  • The Issue Tracker enables its management team to automatically escalate issues, providing Primer with one cohesive solution to solve issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Our Digital Routine allows management to identify risks, opportunities, and trends via real-time monitoring of store and employee performance in real-time.


in Customer Satisfaction
reduction in retail execution time
increase in audit passing stores

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