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Reducing 59% inspection costs across hundreds of stores with Nimbly

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Company size:

700 outlets covering 163 cities nationwide

Use cases:

Timed digital checklists
Automated workflow and reporting
Issue tracker & Analytics
Cloud database storage


Much time, man-hours, paper and cost invested in operational inspections
Reputational risk management
Risk of loss, theft and compromised confidentiality of inspection reports

Tentang aplikasi Fried Chicken Brand:

The brand is undeniably one of the nation's market leaders in the fast-food chain of restaurants. The company has been continuously expanding its network coverage throughout the nation.

Pelajari bagaimana Nimbly dapat membantu bisnis Anda

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Reduction in direct cost spent on inspections
Reduction in number of inspection questions
Man-hours saved per month
The chain wanted a solution that could help the company to consistently provide quality products, services, and assets suited to customers’ changing needs and taste in a streamlined manner.

Nimbly helps us maintain the consistency of our product and comply with our SOPs.

Area Manager


To enact the company's vision to always be the leading QSR (Quick-Service Restaurant) brand in Indonesia, maintaining high-quality performance is ultimately important for this chain. Quality management includes tasks of various kinds and covers a wide area; from taste and safety, service speed and hospitality, store appearance and ambience, promotion materials, inventory management, and many more.

Restaurant General Managers (RGMs) had to download and photocopy the checklists every month. Users experienced hassle having papers and camera at hand at the same time.
Area Managers had to collect reports from each site. Certain stores* have to repeatedly customise the checklists to fit their specific needs. Many issues were not resolved properly as it was lost in WhatsApp.
Increased potential risk on loss, theft and compromised confidentiality as the reports were kept as physical hardcopies. Gathering data and analysis for business reporting is costing valuable time with lesser accuracy.

"Using Nimbly for inspection is simple because we don’t have to bring manual books everywhere."

  • Restaurant General Manager


There is a huge opportunity to simplify and streamline the quality management process to ensure outlet staff are able to do all the necessary operational checklists while serving customers with excellence. The chain started using Nimbly from November 1st, 2019. The inspections were conducted in 77 outlets in the Jakarta region with 139 users including Restaurant General Managers (RGM), Area Managers (AM), Regional Managers (ROM), Facilities Services Division (FSD), and Department Heads. After implementing Nimbly it has been a lot easier for the company to harmonise Quality Management Process:

  1. Management can create store-specific questionnaires and schedules across locations.
  2. All inspections are conducted in a mobile phone, saving time and eliminating the need to print out.
  3. Real-time photo will attach directly under the question in the report without having to send it via WhatsApp.
  4. Reports are generated automatically and sent to the people who will find it useful.
  5. Any issue identified during inspection will be recorded automatically in Nimbly Issue Tracker.

Since then the chain has all inspections covered in Nimbly from opening and closing stores checklist, periodical food safety & hygiene checks, outlet cleanliness, customer service, back of house check, as well as restaurant management. By using Nimbly, RGM can do inspections more frequently and more thoroughly. Reputational risk is also better managed through speedy resolution of issues discovered on the ground. Improvements are seen on the following:


Reduction in direct cost spent on inspections
Reduction in number of inspection questions
Man-hours saved per month

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