One platform,
numerous opportunities

Nimbly enables clients to improve branch operations and customer service by ensuring SOP implementation and digitalizing the monitoring & follow up process in real-time. Gain breakthrough efficiency and operational excellence on-the-go with Nimbly.

The features that sets us apart

Simple and Efficient Audits

You don't have to be tech-savvy to use Nimbly. Open your app, fill out the questionnaire, and the report will be automatically generated. Send the report to relevant parties in just one click. Simply follow the step-by-step workflows, and you'll find how easy it is to complete an operational audit.

Offline-to-Online Audits

Complete audit checklists offline at remote site inspections such as plantations, warehouses, and basements. We designed Nimbly to be able to work even with no internet connection. Your progress is saved locally and you can upload and share the data when you're back online.

Insightful Audit Reports

We collect and convert your data into insightful analytics so that you can identify your operational risks, root cause, and improvement opportunities in your operations through visual data analytics. You'll have the access to your data-driven business insights anytime, anywhere. Solve problems before they arise.

Audit Data Security

We understand how crucial data security is to businesses. That's why we protect your data with a private and secure cloud database, admin privileges, gated log-ins and secure APIs. Our server is secured by Google's industry-grade encryption, ensuring only you can access your data, and no one else.

Real-time Audits

Nimbly digitises and automates data collection, validation and follow-up processes so you can discover issues and monitor their resolution. Nimbly enables companies to track team performance, task completion, and target achievement in real-time. You can also verify visitations through geolocation and live photos, erasing the system gaming risk.

Local & Agile Audit App

We live in, understand and build our product for the local context. Many industries have already been using Nimbly to manage their operations. F&B, Retail, FMCG, Agriculture, and many more. They have all benefitted from Nimbly and so can you! You can also select your preferred display language anytime. Today, Nimbly is provided in two languages, English and Bahasa Indonesia.