Frequently Asked Questions

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What functional areas does Nimbly software system cover?

Our cloud-based software application systems cover EHS & Sustainability, Quality, Security, Responsible Sourcing, and Product Stewardship.

How does Nimbly ensure not only the process of our operation but also the quality of our products?

Nimbly provides a system that enables you to create as many questions as you want, in various formats, based on your regulatory standard, and attach picture as standard references for Auditors to look up to. Auditors will be able to respond to the questions in details. With this system, it’ll help company to keep their standard maintained and continuously produce good product.

Can I try Nimbly out and see if I like it?
What are the benefits of implementing Nimbly?

Implementing Nimbly results in a Return On Investment (ROI) in safety, health, sustainability, and overall company profits. In addition to the benefits associated with keeping employees safe, healthy and happy, the price of investing in Nimbly platform is often far less than the costs, fines, and penalties associated with failing to maintain compliance.

Does the app track me 24/7?

We only request your GPS data on check-in and check-out.

How large is the app?

The app size is currently ~18MB on the App Store and ~13MB on the Play Store

How will my company's sensitive data be kept?

We store all data in encrypted servers and databases which only you will have access to. And, Nimbly is ISO 27001 certified.

Will I able to download data generated by the platform?

You can download previous reports as well as analytics data generated by your teams

How do I manage many staff across my organization?

More than 1 admin account can be provisioned depending on your needs.

Does the app still work when auditors do audits in locations far from an Internet connection?

Yes. Audits can be conducted without internet connection. The data will be saved and can be uploaded later when Internet connection is restored.

Is it possible to integrate Software X with this product?

We have an API that you can use to integrate Nimbly data into your existing systems. We also consider custom integrations on a case-by-case basis.

Can we separate the access to the platform based on user roles?

Yes, you can allocate different access to various users based on your organization hierarchy.