A healthy Plate: Challenges and solutions to food safety for F&B Industry in South east asia

A Healthy Plate

The Challenges and Solutions to Food Safety in South-east Asia

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5 Reasons why Restaurant Menus need to be updated Regularly

November 12, 2021
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Analyzing and updating the restaurant menus may bring benefits to your business. Here are several upwards of updating menu and how you can do it.

Consistency is the key to keeping your loyal customers while showing off your restaurant’s main appeal. However, updating the restaurant menus will keep your business from stale in the competitive market unless you run a historic or iconic restaurant. Careful analysis and updates are important to keep your restaurant fresh and updated.

A healthy Plate: Challenges and solutions to food safety for F&B Industry in South east asia
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A Healthy Plate: The Challenges and Solutions to Food Safety in South-East Asia

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5 Main Reasons to Update Your Restaurant Menus Regularly

You don’t need to change the menu drastically. Updating it occasionally will give your restaurant benefits. Here are the upsides of the update:

1. Keeping Business Fresh

Just like other business types, restaurants business has trends, and customers can change their tastes. Changing the menu will keep your restaurant fresh, engage new customers, and create new interests. You can also follow food trends such as the rise of a vegetarian lifestyle, locally sourced ingredients, and certain ingredients like avocado.

2. Reducing the Costs

Many restaurants change their menu periodically to adjust to certain seasons. The restaurant menus may use seasonal ingredients, such as specific fruits, fish, or vegetables. Using seasonal ingredients can give the business more profits while lowering costs. Seasonal ingredients can also be your restaurant’s selling point, attracting more people.

3. Exploring the Chef’s Creativity

Cooking combines art and technical skills, and changing the menu means allowing your chefs or cooks to get creative. Businesses can offer new menu creation as a way to attract people. High-quality chefs and cooks will also love the opportunity to show off their ideas. This environment will make chefs happy to work at your restaurant, reducing the turnover rate for chefs with creative streaks.

4. Capturing the New Markets

The types of customers and their tastes shift with time, and new generations of restaurant customers may have different preferences from the old ones. By updating your menu, you can cater to these new customers without abandoning the older ones. This way, you can capture the new markets for your business.

5. Reducing Food Waste

Do you know that updating the menu can be a solution for food waste? If you often end up with large amounts of raw ingredients that are still edible, you can research new recipes to use them. This way, you can keep the old favorites while adding new ones to the menu, made of the extra ingredients.

5 Reasons Why Restaurant Menus Need to be Updated
5 Reasons Why Restaurant Menus Need to be Updated

Tips for Updating Restaurant Menus

  • Updating the restaurant menus needs the right planning so your customers do not balk at the changes. Ideally, you should update the menu every one or two years. The time will allow you to analyze the most favorite menu items and the least ordered. One or two years is also a good time to create customer loyalty and test the water.
  • If you rely on seasonal ingredients, menu updates should happen two to four times a year, depending on the climate and availability of the ingredients. Don’t forget to follow the trend of food costs to pick the best menu items to serve.
  • Finally, avoid overhauling all the items even during the seasonal business periods. Make sure you have the basic “safe” items that customers generally love. These favorite items should have ingredients that are still easy to find despite seasons. These staple favorites will retain the old, loyal customers while serving new ones to satisfy new or adventurous diners.
  • Make your tasks easier by using digital management tools like Nimbly. It provides a handy admin dashboard and digital checklists to analyze the menu and decide which items to add or remove.
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Technology to Help Your Menu Update

Nimbly offers a digital admin dashboard and mobile checklist to analyze your menu performance. You can analyze which menus have sold out, and compare the number of orders to check the best-selling and lowest-selling menu items.

Share data with everyone involved in management and production. You can also analyze which items are the most profitable by comparing their profit margin ratios. This way, you can change or update the menu based on costs and possible revenue.

Updating the menu is a way to keep your restaurant fresh in business and attractive for customers. Analyze the restaurant menus periodically and use Nimbly as a tool to help with the process so you can choose the best items to serve.

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