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4 Operations Management Trends in 2022

January 7, 2020
4 mins reading

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Whether in the F&B industry, retail, or whatever the industry is, all businesses are now experiencing changes in market patterns. One of the main reasons is the rapid development of technology. Technology has succeeded in changing the way consumers shop, the way consumers know a product, and even how manufacturers maintain their customers' trust. There are so many challenges that you will face as an entrepreneur, given the speed of change.

So, this means the operational management process of a company is also required to continue to adapt to changing times. Every year, there may be a new trend. So in this new year, what are the trends in operational management that will occur? Here's the review.

Invest in Employee Experience

We often hear about "employees who work happily bring customer satisfaction." Customer satisfaction and the quality of employee work are inseparable. If employees work enthusiastically and accurately, the company will also get maximum results. However, finding enough people with the right skills and talents is one of the main operational challenges for a business. In response to these hurdles, companies need to invest more in the personal growth of the workforce they already have.

Satisfied employees will be more loyal to your company, but how can business owners drive employee satisfaction and improve their skills?

Getting into the habit of transparent internal communication is one method that has proven to be effective for recruiting and retaining employees, especially millennial employees. These millennial employees will do well if they can express their opinions through both discussion forums and surveys, get clarity about their expected performance, and know that their work has a meaningful purpose.

Well-developed communication can provide many benefits for your company, such as increasing morale, speeding up the process of completing work, and encouraging employees to collaborate. In addition, if employees can work well together, there will be many bright, innovative ideas and effective execution. Thus, your company will become more competitive compared to competing companies.

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Work with Technology

Working with technology means leaving the manual stuff behind. Technology will allow you to monitor the company's operations more broadly, comprehensively, and in less time. If there is an issue found in one of the branches, you can immediately find out about it on your mobile phone or laptop. You can also assign directly to the relevant departments. You don't have to wait days to receive reports and exchange messages with teams on the ground. As a result, problems will be resolved faster.

By dedicating technology to specific business tasks, your employees will be more focused on thinking about developing the company's products and services. For example, instead of assigning an employee to compile all operational audit data from all outlets using Excel, you are better off using operational audit software that can help you collect the data automatically. This digital data entry system will also reduce the rate of data input errors. Of course, this digital data entry system will also cut the costs of printing, purchasing paper, maintaining documents, and providing storage space.

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Performance Measurement Powered by Employee Data and Analysis

Solid performance data will give the company an insight into what is happening in each branch of the company and what follow-up actions should be taken to maintain or improve the company's performance.

However, 79% of business executives to date admit they don't have the right tools to analyze and act on this data. As in the previous point, digitalizing solutions are the correct answer for comprehensive performance measurement. The comprehensive digital audit system has features to process and visualize data collected from field audits that have been carried out. Companies can use this data to see trends within the company for better business decision-making. The accessibility offered by the digital system also makes it easier for you to monitor the performance of your branches and employees anywhere and anytime.

Avoid Using Personal Chat Applications for Work

The company's operational team is undoubtedly required to solve operational problems quickly but still accurately. One way to quickly resolve issues is to communicate via instant messaging apps. However, some drawbacks of personal instant messaging applications can affect problem-solving accuracy.

Due to its format, which is built for personal chat, discussion, decision-making, and problem-solving are very difficult to do in a personal messaging application. Conversations can easily be interrupted by other people's messages. Professional chats can also easily get mixed up with personal chats. Not to mention the time you spend putting your employee contacts individually into groups and removing resigned employees.

Another significant issue is that message confidentiality is not guaranteed. For example, if an employee changes their number and forgets to change it in the app's settings, their old number will still receive all messages from your company group. That's why your company needs to consider software specially made to carry out professional follow-up affairs.

Some of these things are aspects of operations management that are expected to continue to be a trend in 2022. If your company applies this, your company can catch up with trends and leave your business competitors.

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