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4 Ways SOP Can Improve Your Profitability

January 12, 2021
4 mins reading

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Feeling like your business lacks organization and efficiency? You might be lacking in the SOP. Find out how SOPs help to leverage business and profit here.

Do you feel like your business lacks organization when it comes to basic tasks? Are your employees unable to carry on their roles? Or are you wondering why your business seems to be stuck in motion?

If the answers are mostly yes, then you are in dire need of a standard operating procedure or SOPs to solve your business problems.

What is SOP and How It Can Escalate Your Business Profits

Having clear, well-established SOPs is one of the ways to streamline and structure your business from the inside out. Whether you’re selling a product or service, SOP

A well-written standard operating procedure comes with many benefits to leverage your business, but the most likely impact is that you’ll save a lot of money on employee training, financial responsibility, as well as avoid unnecessary lawsuits.

If you’re currently debating on whether investing your time and energy on SOPs is worth a while, here are some of the reasons why it’s the best investment you can have for your business:

1. Deliver reliable results by establishing routines and chain of command

If there’s something that could leverage the success of a business, it’s consistency. Various companies are selling the same thing, but only those that are consistent with the quality of their products and service that will stay in the market.

Having a clear SOP establishes a standardized procedure and rule for everyone to follow, which leaves out zero room for error. If a problem does happen, SOP can become your guide in finding the root cause of the problem.

2. Improve efficiency for better company growth

According to Forbes, one of the greatest challenges that businesses usually face is about regulation. Lack of regulation in businesses will cause inefficient workflow from the smallest tasks, which leads to delay in business decisions.

And no customers want to spend their money on an inefficient business.

A company might lose its potential investor because someone isn’t sure who needs to approve the decision. Your business could lose out on hiring a great talent because of redundant salary approval.

SOP eliminates unnecessary questions that hinder critical business decisions. With SOP, everyone involved in your business follows the same direction to the same end goal.

3. A better result per employee with a short learning curve

When a new employee is hired, having a standard operating procedure shortens the candidate’s learning curve. The employee will be able to review the written tasks, its goals and purpose, as well as how to achieve it, and follow it accordingly.

For example, if your company requires its employees to wear a uniform at work. By referring back to the SOP, the employees will understand where to acquire it, how to maintain it, and where to return it once you’re done with your work.

The same thing goes to day-to-day tasks. A staff of operations team will know what their responsibilities are, whom to report it back to, and what the benchmarks of success are in your company.

4. Most importantly, happier customers and higher engagement

When it comes to businesses, everything will always lead to customers. By optimizing the quality of the products, services, and employees, your customers will have an easy time finding, acquiring, or even returning the products without any obstruction.

If someone has a complaint about your customer service or products, they’ll know who to contact and how to follow-up their complaints until their problems are solved.

Standards operating procedures aren’t only important in maintaining the quality of your products and services, but also the customers’ experiences from the beginning to the end.

Use Nimbly

Nimbly is a mobile all-in-one solution that can help you leverage your business by streamlining operational processes into actionable insights. The digital checklist feature will help you turn the SOP into a digital checklist, making it easier to share between locations. Reporting will be hassle-free with one touch of a button only. Additionally, the issue tracker feature will also help in tracking, monitoring, and resolving issues in each location easily and quickly.

Through a digitalized checklist that turns collected data into real-time insights, Nimbly enables companies to effortlessly monitor, track, and collect evaluations on every business operation. Additionally, it also provides dashboard analytics where you can view all activities with ease.

Unsure about which service is the best for your business? Utilize our free consultation service and get the right solution to increase your profit margin through the efficient and seamless operating process.


Standard operating procedures or SOPs are the keys to a successful business. When everything is already set in place with rules and playbook, every employee can base their decision and action on a clear, common goal. SOPs won’t only help you in terms of delivering reliable command and improving employee efficiency, but also ensures that the results are purpose-driven and designed to satisfy the customer at its end goal.

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