3 Steps to Increase Your Revenue on Valentines Day [Infographic]

January 29, 2021

With Valentine Day approaching ahead, a lot of people will hunt for gifts for their loved ones. It's the perfect time to spice up your store to engage and attract more customers!

An infographic about how to increase your revenue on Valentine's day.

#1 Set the mood of your store

If you have an offline store, make your store feel more jolly or romantic with red or pink decorations.

If you are running an online business, change the layout for your Etsy, Instagram, or website with a Valentine-themed design, or put out a dedicated carousel slide for Valentine-themed discounts.

#2 Help your customers find the best gift

Help your customers to decide what they will purchase. For your offline stores, set up signs like She will Love This One or Great Gift for Mom. You can also use this as your e-commerce product category.

Create Valentine-themed product bundles and offer them to your customer before they check out. Make your customers consider to get the best deal possible. It will help to increase the sales of your item.

#3 Offer Free Shipping 

This year Valentine may be different. A lot more people will be spending it by shipping gifts.

Prompt shoppers to get items bought and shipped early by giving your customers conditional free shipping. Limit the check-out time or set up a minimum purchase for free shipping. And don’t forget to include free greetings cards along with the products.

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