Important Digital Checklist for Your Restaurant Management

December 20, 2020

Operating a restaurant business is more than simply providing food to customers. There is plenty of management going on behind it, and you have to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Opening a restaurant does sound like a great idea, and many people think that it is a simple business to run. However, it is not always the case since managing a restaurant can be tough and complicated. You are not only opening the shop and serving customers coming into your restaurant. There are plenty of management works that you have to master.

Checklist for Restaurant management

Simply opening a restaurant will not ensure that it will be instantly famous or booming despite the rising culinary trend. In fact, almost 60% of restaurants end up closing within the 1st year of operations only because the owners do not understand the huge management work behind restaurant operations.

Creating a restaurant checklist is one of the best solutions for keeping track of the necessary work to do. We have compiled some checklists you need to consider implementing in your restaurant management.

1. Opening checklist

Food quality is not the only important thing in the restaurant business. A clean, neat, and well-managed restaurant is just as important. Therefore, it is important to prepare everything beforehand.

The restaurant opening checklist includes every step necessary before opening the restaurant, from cleaning the shop thoroughly, preparing the dining room settings, preparing glassware and silverware, refilling any essential items, to cross-checking the menu with the kitchen staff.

2. Front of the house operations checklist

Front of the house is everything located in the front part of the restaurant used by the customers, including the dining area and bathroom. You will need to create two checklists for the front of the house operations, which includes opening and closing checklists.

The opening checklist for this area includes setting up the dining area and bathroom, organizing the table settings, as well as restocking all necessities. Meanwhile, the closing checklist for this area includes cleaning the area, taking inventory and restocking the bar, organizing the area, and managing finances.

3. Back end operations checklist

Similar to the previous point, the back end operations checklist also consists of opening and closing checklists. The opening preparation usually consists of the preparation of the kitchen station and inventory stocking since most of the preparation had already done the night before during the closing.

The back end opening preparation includes cleaning, chopping ingredients, preparing tools at each kitchen station, and restocking inventory. Meanwhile, the closing preparation for the back end operation includes cleaning, ensuring food safety, inventory checking, organizing, and ensuring general safety.

Checklist Management Restaurant

4. Cleaning checklist

It is important for the kitchen to be always in a clean condition. Therefore, it has to be cleaned, sanitized, and organized regularly. Cleaning the kitchen stations is important to maintain hygiene as well as making them less confusing, which in turn help the kitchen staff prepare the food quickly and effectively. That is why restaurant cleaning checklists are also important in restaurant management.

5. Marketing checklist

Marketing checklist is focused on marketing effort during the service. It is an integral part of the restaurant operations, which can affect the growth of the restaurant. Marketing checklists contain any efforts conducted to increase sales, make sure the presences are felt on social media, and make the brand known by the public.

6.Shift change checklist

Shift change checklist is also important in restaurant management; therefore, you need to ensure that the transition runs smoothly. The previous manager should complete all his tasks so that the next manager can take up the operations smoothly.

Not only required to finish his task before the shift change, but the first manager should also provide all important information regarding the previous shift to the next manager.

7. Closing checklist

Finally, the service ends, and it's time to close the shop. Closing the shop is more than just flipping the sign from "Open" to "Closed". There are also important steps to do. Restaurant closing checklist includes every step necessary before closing the restaurant.

These steps include cleaning every space and surface area of the restaurant, restocking essential items on the table, kitchen, bathroom, counting inventory, and many more. Having a good and well-executed closing procedure ensures that your opening preparation for the next day runs smoothly and properly.

Checklist Management Restaurant


As you can see from the explanation above, there are a lot of checklists you need to prepare when managing a restaurant. These checklists are important to make sure that the restaurant management runs smoothly.

Manually implementing restaurant checklists requires a lot of time and effort. However, you can use Nimbly to create and assign digital checklists to each of your outlet so that preparation can be tracked quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the issue tracker will also help the company to find possible issues at hand and provide information about it quickly thanks to the real-time dashboard.

Nimbly features that will help operations manager: digital questionnaire, issue tracker, and real-time dashboard.

About Nimbly

Nimbly is a mobile solution that digitizes operations, improves efficiency, and generates cost savings by providing companies' management with data-driven insights from field operations remotely and in real-time.

Restaurant Management Checklist

About Nimbly

Nimbly transforms manual operations audit processes into app-based checklists for front-line workers to generate reports instantly, centralize insights in real-time, and ensure thorough issue resolution.

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