A healthy Plate: Challenges and solutions to food safety for F&B Industry in South east asia

A Healthy Plate

The Challenges and Solutions to Food Safety in South-east Asia

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15 Hal yang Disukai Pengguna F&B tentang Nimbly

April 26, 2022
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Many businesses, especially in the F&B field, have grown rapidly and started their digital operations. This shows how aware F&B companies are of the technology they have to keep up with.

To start transforming their operations to digital, a tool or software is needed, whether they build it themselves, or use a tool that has been proven by more than 200 leading companies in SEA.
Many Nimbly customers consider building their own tools, but eventually switch to using the Nimbly software. This is because of the many factors that have been taken into consideration, ranging from higher costs, limited knowledge of the tool, or the length of development of the tool.

Nimbly is instrumental in the digitalization of our operations across the value chain. We saved 74% in operational costs, along with 3,800 man-hours/year

Roshan Dylan
Director, PT. Inti Prima Rasa

Here are other customer reasons that the Nimbly team often encounters when talking to Nimbly customers from the F&B industry:

  • "Attractive and flexible pricing models for F&B operators."
  • "With a vast footprint in F&B, the solution is quick to implement - literally in just weeks, and the business is transformed."
  • "Super easy to use for all staff in F&B no matter their education level"
  • "The support team is experienced in the industry, and are based here in the region delivering top-notch customer support with record breaking turnaround times"
  • "Proven to skyrocket F&B staff productivity as now performance is transparent and data based"
  • ">100 of F&B operators are already using Nimbly successfully"
  • "Food safety is ensured, with traceability enabled"
  • "Powerful dashboard gives real time analytical data for continuous improvements across the restaurant operations, as well as predict and prevent future issues"
  • "Auto-assign feature gives you the fastest issue resolution related to your restaurant business"
  • "Staff management is digitalized & simplified, and with full visibility, management can easily optimize the workforce"
  • "With Geo Fencing & Live Photo, fraud is prevented at all times"
  • "Overall the solution realizes massive savings in time and money! The savings can be repurposed to innovation and business strategy"
  • "Economical and Ecological Benefits gained with Paperless Productivity"
  • "App Works online & offline"
  • "Data secured by ISO 27001:2013 and SOC II Compliance"

Those are some of the reasons we often come across when talking to customers. By always putting our customers' satisfaction first, we can always improve and improve the usability and efficiency of the Nimbly software. Nimbly's Customer Success team always maintains a good relationship with our customers, and always listens to our customers' feedback. Try our free consultation to find out if your business is suitable for using Nimbly, no commitment required.

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