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4 Tips to Increase Throughput at Your QSR

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To stay competitive in post-pandemic competition, a restaurant manager has to analyze all aspects that can improve the business. In terms of quick-service restaurants, throughput is a matrix to evaluate the restaurants’ performance by looking at how many customers can be served per hour.

Here are four tips that restaurants can do to improve their throughput.

1. Do Reporting and Time Tracking

In quick-service restaurants or QSR, drive-thru data is important to measure how good the service provided. By analyzing the data, restaurants will be able to find out which operations needed to improve.

Modular apps are useful to measure sales, identify traffic jams, and so on. They will help restaurants’ growth by enabling the managers to quickly address problems and keep up with customer demands. Moreover, digital dashboards are also accessible from anywhere and can work on any device.

2. Improve Employees Service Speed

Another thing to do to increase throughput is by improving employees’ service speed. Restaurants can do this by placing staff outdoors with mobile ordering tablets. Therefore, as soon as guests come, the staff can immediately greet and assist them with what they need.

It is also important to hold training on menu knowledge. This way, employees can immediately help customers with their orders. Finally, managers should share the data with employees. By doing this, they will be aware of the order accuracy and drive-thru speed target to understand which aspects need to be improved.

3. Apply Digital Ordering

Quick-service restaurants also need solutions to speed up their service while maintaining order accuracy. Digital ordering is one of the best solutions in this aspect. Managers should conduct research to find the best digital ordering and digital marketing solutions available for quick and accurate order fulfillment.

Another digital solution that should also be available is providing mobile and credit card payment options. This encourages limited contact—which is encouraged during the pandemic—and reduces wait times between orders.

4. Switch to Digital Marketing

Last but not least is switching to digital marketing. It can be in the form of email, text, online and mobile app loyalty programs, as well as social media. Then, from such marketing automation, restaurant operators can identify the top performers and find out which ones can be improved.

This digital marketing tool is important to help reduce time spent used on individual campaigns. Operators can gather data and create content that appeals to their target market based on past success with new customers.

Hal yang dapat dipelajari

Automation or digital solution is an important way to improve the throughput of quick-service restaurants. It will improve employee productivity as well as service speed by keeping the accuracy of the service.

Skyrocket your restaurant’s throughput and employee productivity with Nimbly, a digital checklist that streamline your business operations.

Tentang Nimbly

Nimbly transforms manual operational audit processes into app-based checklists for front-line workers to generate reports instantly, centralize insights in real-time, and ensure thorough issue resolution.

Tentang Nimbly

Nimbly mengubah proses audit operasi manual menjadi daftar periksa berbasis aplikasi bagi pekerja untuk menghasilkan laporan secara instan, memusatkan wawasan secara real-time, dan memastikan penyelesaian masalah secara menyeluruh.

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