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How Workload Analysis Increases Your Team Productivity

February 19, 2021
3 mins reading

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Workload analysis is important to reduce the backlog and work-related stress. Nimbly offers digital features to track issues, manage works, and reduce workload.

Have you or your team members experienced burnouts and low productivity? Bad work management may be the case. Conducting workload analysis is important to keep the productivity level intact without resorting to overtime. Without intervention, excessive overtime and workload can lead to problems like stress and burnout.

Impacts of Excessive Workload

Excessive workload is a major risk factor of burnout; a state of prolonged stress impacts physical and mental health. Gallup survey in early 2020 revealed that around 67 percent of workers in the US had experienced burnout symptoms with various frequencies.

Burnout may happen when workers are burdened with an excessive workload that demands to be finished quickly. Things that require extra focus, like too many work and communication apps, can also contribute to stress, especially during the work-from-home era. The inefficient system, such as data entry and problem-solving, can also take up the workers' precious time to finish their tasks.

What will happen when burnout finally happens? Workers may start showing signs of tiredness, lack of focus, and negative emotional expressions or behaviors. They will bring negative impacts to your business. You must make sure to analyze the workload and balance its distribution to prevent such problems.

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Top Tips for Workload Analysis

Workload analysis is important to assess whether you give employees adequate numbers of work or not. One of the functions is to create a balanced work delegation, ensuring that each employee does a fair share of the workload. Here are several top tips for conducting workload analysis:

1. Assess Each Team's Task and Capability

If you handle multiple teams for finishing a large project, remember to assess their skills, responsibilities, and abilities. Create multiple lists to divide the teams and tasks into several categories, complete with the task lists, deadlines, team resources, strengths, and weaknesses.

2. List Individual Workload and Divide the Resources

After dividing the responsibilities between teams, try connecting them with each of the individual members. Find out each team member's tasks and compare them with each other. You may want to shift some responsibilities if certain members get more workload than the others or get tasks that are incompatible with their specific skills.

3. Be Communicative and Flexible about Workload

A good team leader must be communicative and open for discussion. This trait is important if you want to create a more relaxed atmosphere regarding workload. For example, when checking in with the team members during business hours, pay extra attention to those who keep being late submitting the works or are hard to contact. You may need to adjust the working hours with certain employees.

4. Calculate the Team's Average Outputs

Knowing the team's average work outputs is important to determine the workload limit. To find out, observe the numbers of average tasks your team can finish in a week. Find out how many people needed to complete those tasks every week.

5. Evaluate the Team Structure

If you work with a large team, make sure each department has adequate numbers of people. This way, the task division will be fair, and no one will feel burdened too much with the workload.

6. Use Management Tools

Management tools can increase productivity and reduce unnecessary workload. You can use it to automate the data entry process, manage data more efficiently, and track issues more quickly.

Are you looking for an ideal operations management tool? Nimbly offers great benefits for team leaders and business owners concerned with the workload.

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The reason why you need to utilize technology

Nimbly is proven to save three hours out of each worker's time every week, streamlining various activities and reducing overtime costs. Its features offer benefits to reduce workload without impacting productivity. Nimbly digital checklist system offers several benefits to operations management, including:

Automated Data Entry

If your team is doing daily or monthly reporting to your management team, Nimbly reduces the time employees need to rewrite every checklist data into reports with automated data entry & real-time reporting.

Issue tracker 

Forget multiple communications through emails and group chats. The issue tracker allows everyone in the team to immediately see the problems found on the ground. Any issues found on the daily check will be automatically assigned to the responsible department, making the problem solving more efficient.

Digitized Inventory Management

Inventory tasks can take up a lot of time to finish. Nimbly allows you to integrate daily stock-taking in the checklists. The data will be accessible real-time in the management team's analytics dashboard, speeding up the process, with minimum risk.

Nimbly features that will help operations manager: digital questionnaire, issue tracker, and real-time dashboard.


Workload analysis is important to reduce stress-related problems and improve productivity. Make sure to include Nimbly as a digital tool to streamline your team's work.

Nimbly is a mobile solution that digitizes operations, improves efficiency, and generates cost savings by providing companies' management with data-driven insights from field operations remotely and in real-time.

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