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How to Streamline Sustainability Policies Implementation with Digitization

March 24, 2021
3 mins reading

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The agriculture industry now sees the trends toward sustainability and even regenerative planting. The former aims for reducing soil damages while increasing productivity, while the latter actually focuses on land regeneration. Despite being different, both may overlap and greatly affect corporate policies when applied.

Suppose your company applies principles of sustainability or regeneration. In that case, you need to create a closed system that allows fast responses toward problems, resulting in efficient strategies and better reports for the stakeholders. You need to ensure that all the important data are kept properly, maintained in a streamlined method for better problem-solving.

Tips to Implement Sustainability with Technology

Everything a company does requires data, and you need them to create problem-solving methods or new strategies for sustainability. Here are several ways agriculture companies can do that:

1. Tracking and Monitoring Supply Chains

Supply chains have important roles in sustainable or regenerative planting policies. They are the routes that fresh produce or harvests go through before they arrive at the distributors, markets, businesses, and customers. Tracing supply chains allowing better accuracy on recording and data input, especially regarding the product routes.

2. Studying the Water Footprint

The water footprint is one indicator of sustainability, referring to the amount of water used in agricultural or production activities. A company should assess not only its water footprint but also its partners’. You can create a digital checklist with premade requirements and indicators to check the results.

3. Collect Data in Accurate Ways

Field data serve as real-life reports of the company’s activities. You can use them to create strategies that rely on actual conditions. You can also use them to spot discrepancies and create accurate reports, which are important for stakeholders.

4. Improve Environmental Business Governance

If your company already has a business governance policy or system, make sure to keep and even improving it. This application must cover all important factors, such as monitoring, data checking list, and reviewing.

5. Adopt New Digital Policy

Digital technology and tool trend have many people (including companies) adopted them to reduce data clutter. You can use them to create a more accurate data collection and review.

Nimbly is one of the most recommended digital tools to summarize all the data into something easier to comprehend. Aside from streamlining data, Nimbly offers a tool to take note of discrepancies and evaluations quickly.

How to Use Nimbly to Streamline Data

Nimbly is a operational management software that offers an easier way to streamline data collection and analysis. It increases accuracy and transparency, making it easier to spot problems for quicker problem-solving. With its features, companies can easily adjust to having sustainable policies, thanks to accurate data reporting and monitoring.

Here are several features available for such purposes in Nimbly:

Customized Digital Checklist

One of Nimbly's main features, a customized digital checklist, is useful for various things, including assessments. If a company wants to know the feasibility of starting a sustainability program, they can create standardized questions for a questionnaire and deliver them to all targets at once.

Issue Tracker

Issue tracker helps companies find certain issues in their SOP list. You can also get quick, simple solutions for these warnings. With this feature, you can also share the report with others without relying on chain emails, WA messages, and other troubles.

Online and Offline System

The agriculture industry often requires workers, managers, or executive powers to work in remote areas. Nimbly offers a perfect system for doing assessment and reporting from remote locations.

Automatic, Low-Risk Reporting Method

Companies need clear, risk-free reports for presentations in front of the stakeholders. Instead of manually typing names one by name, Nimbly uses automatic data filling and reporting more easily among different groups.

Smart Recommendation

Smart Recommendation, along with reporting, is a way to ensure quick problem-solving. When Nimbly flags an issue in your checklist, you can quickly find and work on it. It is an important feature to make sure that companies can quickly adjust to run a sustainability policy.

Nimbly has worked together with an international agriculture company like Wilmar International & Cargill. Anyone who wants to apply sustainability or regenerative policy in their company can use Nimbly’s various features to support their works. With Nimbly, data management and reporting become more accurate.

Nimbly features that will help operations manager: digital questionnaire, issue tracker, and real-time dashboard.

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