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How Aditya Mandiri Sejahtera Ensures High-Quality Brand Reputation and Reduces Issue Resolution Time by 61% with Nimbly


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Company size:

150+ stores across Indonesia

Use cases:

Issue Resolution Process
Operations Visibility
Real-time Monitoring


Time-consuming Issue Resolution Process
Lack of Operations Visibility

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Through the Vertical Integration method, AMS has managed to keep a close eye on their production processes, allowing them to maintain top-notch quality for its customers.

Operational efficiency is an essential aspect of AMS’ growth; given AMS’ extensive size and rapid growth, optimizing time and efficiency across its operations is crucial to maintain consistency across all departments as well as for its’ customers’ shopping experience.

With remarkable agility, we swiftly identify improvement opportunities through real-time monitoring of 150+ stores compliance. As a result, our issue resolution time has been supercharged, slashing more than 14 days off the clock.

Endo Rhafi Juneed

Senior Manager


One of the biggest challenges in achieving operational efficiency is issue management; the process of identifying and resolving issues. Dealing with issues effectively and quickly is critical in ensuring everything from production to service runs smoothly, and with a company of AMS’ size, it can be challenging without innovative technologies in place.
Time-consuming Issue Resolution Process
The loss of time in issue management due to non-real time reporting costed AMS to take weeks to resolve a singular issue. Coordination to resolve an issue among multiple departments was fragmented as there was an absence of a fluid system that allows a quick and digital issue escalation. Consequently, this affects the overall customer experience, as the longer the issues remain, the higher the risk of customer dissatisfaction.
Lack of Operations Visibility
Information and data generated from AMS’ vast store network across the nation were
scattered in many different places, making it challenging for store teams to relay the right information to the right people. Reports and documents pertaining to operations were largely documented manually throughout multiple channels, leaving room for errors and inconsistencies to take place. This made it challenging and time-consuming for AMS’ management team to ensure that each store is in compliance with AMS’ established standard operating procedures (SOPs).


AMS has been able to ensure compliance across all its stores through Nimbly’s Digital Routine. Now, frontline employees are able to effectively and efficiently do their daily administrative tasks quickly through Nimbly’s mobile platform. Furthermore, the Dashboard Analytics gives management real-time visibility of each store performance.

  • AMS utilizes the Issue Tracker platform to identify non-compliance issues in real-time, accelerating the resolution process by days. Expeditious resolution of issues not only saves time, money, and resources; it gives AMS a competitive edge.
  • Trends and Analytics feature allows AMS to gain a deeper understanding of their employees, and as a result, empowering management to discover hidden needs and opportunities each store or brand might have to make the operations run efficiently.


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